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  • XMPP is faster than E-Mail:


  • pages in Category:Knowledge Base are also Orphaned Pages... why and how to fix?

basic ipc and object registry

  • Ipc::Iostream
  • Util::Registry_server<>
  • an explanation of "label" where I can link to

  • wiki page
  • example code to show concept
  • /ipc_server
    • updated according to source code, aw
    • note, extract message before reusing utcb

errors and exceptions

  • wiki page
  • example code to show usages, links into common pkgs

  • make mapping between C++ exceptions and C error codes clear (/err.h and /exceptions)

server with protocolls and stuff, clntsrv

  • look carefully over example code
  • wiki page
  • link to real world example / Sigma0::pager(...)

build system

  • look at it, generate more items here


  • link all the docs


  • its a goos, omg... docs!!