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===Human Requirements===
===Human Requirements===

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Human Requirements

Users using the system should know the following:

  • Basic understanding of a Linux based system for software development
  • How to work with a shell
  • Know what gcc is
  • What make is and how it's used
  • Understand the english language
  • For L4Linux: Know how to configure and compile the Linux kernel
  • Have a basic understanding on how an L4 system works, which components are involved and how they play together

Basic System

To build the system you need the following:

  • x86 Linux host system (64bit is also supposed to work)
  • gcc and g++
  • make
  • perl
  • gawk
  • libcurses-dev

Good to have:

  • subversion client
  • doxygen to build documentation

All those should be part of any recent Linux distribution.