Building patched grub

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This is just a small howto for building a grub with Adam's patches. Although this information is also inside the README's, the wiki seems to be the first place where folks might look at. Here we go:

  • create directory and cd into it
mkdir ./grub
cd grub
  • download the grub source package and Adam's latest patches
  • unpack sources and apply patches
tar xzf grub-0.97.tar.gz
cd grub-0.97
zcat ../grub-0.97-os.8.diff.gz | patch -p0
  • configure and build patched grub (choose the NIC that fits your needs, ./configure --help lists them)
./configure --enable-diskless --enable-pxe (--enable-rtl8139) (--enable-eepro100) (--enable-...)
  • the final pxegrub binary can be found in stage2/pxegrub