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The Dice IDL compiler is used to generate IPC communication code for L4 applications from an interface definition language (CORBA IDL with extensions). You check it out along with the other components of L4Env as described in the download instructions.


Dice and its features are documented in the Dice User Manual.

Known issues

  • "./configure" in the Dice directory fails with the message like "configure: error: You will need at least bison version 2.1a (found 2.4)."
    • This occurs on newer Linux distributions shipping with Bison >= 2.4.
    • Building Dice will fail if you simply workaround the version check in configure.in.
    • Better solution:
      • Download Bison 2.3 from the FSF's Bison website.
      • Compile and install it to some location <foo>
      • Re-configure Dice :
   YACC=<foo>/bison ./configure