Reporting Bugs

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In order to be able to help a bug report including the following information should be send to

  1. General information on the bug
    • What happens?
    • When does it happen?
    • Can it be reproduced? How?
  2. General information on the environment, especially containing:
    • used hardware for Fiasco native
      • CPU, RAM, virtualization software
      • Devices, if involved
    • Host configuration when using Fiasco-UX
      • Host Linux kernel
      • Linux distribution used
    • used software
      • Fiasco version
      • L4Env version (which OTC Snapshot, which SVN tag, which patchlevel)
    • used tools (compilers, utilities, ...)
  3. How to reproduce the bug
    • GRUB menu.lst entry if booting native OR Fiasco-UX command line
    • Simple step-by-step description what to do if the issue needs interaction
  4. Logs (as email attachment or web links, please)
    • A complete kernel debugger log from your terminal program
    • L4Linux syslog if involved
  5. Configuration (as email attachment or web links, please)
    • Fiasco configuration (fiasco-build-dir/globalconfig.out)
    • L4Env configuration (l4-build-dir/
    • L4Linux configuration if involved (l4lx-build-dir/.config)
    • Loader startup scripts if involved
  6. Further information
    • Please provide all the patches you applied to our source code.
    • Please provide the source code of the applications involved (if this source code cannot already be obtained from another source - in this case you might want to point us at this source.)
    • Provide any additional information that you think might help to understand the bug.
    • In some cases, we may not be able to reproduce the problem locally just using sources. In this case, provide us with the binaries triggering the bug. A frozen VMWare image with the bug can also be helpful.

Items 1 through 5 are mandatory if you expect a proper bug fix :)